Who Do You Love?

Sunday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, a day for recognizing who you love.  Ever wonder why it’s called that? Yes, there was a St. Valentine (actually three of them) that unfortunately lost his head on February 14, during the persecution of the Christians.  His crime?  Legend has it that he secretly married couples when emperor Claudius II of Rome banned marriages and engagements for fear that wives and families discouraged young men from joining the military.  Centuries later when the catholic church tried to get rid of the pagan celebration of the festival of love held on February 14, they introduced St. Valentine’s Day.  St. Valentine seemed appropriate as a symbol for romantics.

The heart symbol evolved from medieval times when the human heart was viewed as a place where God’s commands and the feelings for beloved ones were written on your heart.  We still give hearts to our love ones on Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps carried by tradition, perhaps by enhanced being featured in literature,  the symbol represents our desire to communicate our feelings of love and thanks for those who make our lives so much richer.

When you give a heart this Valentine’s Day, think of what you wish the recipient to know and remember.  It is a symbol.  Whether it is a Brighton heart necklace, a handbag with a dangling heart, or a gift that pampers her, you reflect the feelings that come from your heart.

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