Does Your Face Look Dull?

When you look in the mirror, does your face look like you just gone through a Texas windstorm? Dull? Dry? And dunno what to do? Probably, your skin is crying for exfoliation. The dead skin cells that have accumulated, layer after layer, have dulled the natural glow of new skin cells being produced. Hours out in the sun, dry airconditioned air, even medicine can affect the appearance of your skin.

You can help your skin to have a more youthful look by using chemical or manual exfoliation. Be careful to choose the right products for your skin. Chemical exfoliation loosens the cellular glue that holds the dead skin cells to your face. Manual exfoliation such as facial scrubs rubs the dead skin cells off. Most people can use some form of chemical exfoliation. One of the most effective contains Retin, a vitamin A derivative. Retin requires a prescription. It works quickly and penetrates the skin deeper than Retinol, a vitamin A and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) combination. Because Retin works quickly you can also experience redness and peeling. Cosmetic use of Retinol provides exfoliation, but it takes longer to see the effects. Usually, you do not experience redness and flaking.

If you have sensitive skin or rosacea, both Retin and Retinol may be too strong. Instead use a sugar based exfoliant. Avoid manual scrubs as well. Those with acne should not use a manual scrub because the scrubbing can spread bacteria from one blemish to the next as well as stimulating increased oil production. Exfoliation exposes newer skin cells that will be sensitive to the sun, so always wear SPF 30+.

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