Create Different Looks With Your Favorite Denim Jeans

Have you noticed since Covid, that dressing casual has become the norm? We all have at least one pair of jeans that we think looks good on us and we feel comfortable in. Pull that pair of jeans out of the closet and create new looks to expand your wardrobe.

Megan Markle wear one of my favorite combinations. She combines a medium blue jean with a white tank and tops it with a short black knit jacket that normally would be paired with a suit pant or skirt. The result gives a casual, but finished look. Try that same jacket and tee with a brown jean for a different look. If you want more coverage over the hips than the short jacket provides, select a longer tee that extends beneath the jacket. That look is in as well.

Blazers work perfectly with jeans. Choose neutrals such as gray or taupe with tone-on-tone patterns for a subtle look, or be bold with full color. Either tanks or collared shirts give an appropriate look. If you want to use an old blazer that has bright gold or silver buttons, update by switching the buttons to neutral colored bone buttons. Going forward into the fall, use a camel color jacket with a white tee over jeans. Be sure to finish the look with matching camel color shoes. If pastels are more your preference, choose a pastel denim jacket to go over your light blue jeans. Match your shoes to your jacket.

An off the shoulder, loose fitting top gives a cool solution to hot summer nights on the patio. Add a chain belt and heels and there is more than the weather that seems sultry. We Texas girls love to sparkle. Sequins and rhinestones blend well with denim. Just wear a little attitude.

Drop by Morgan Fitzgerald’s this week. We will have several mannequins illustrating different looks with denim.

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