Handbags Are Like Punctuation Marks for Your Total Look

Handbags when properly selected and worn with the right outfits finish the total look. Just like punctuation marks, if they don’t fit with what is being said, it doesn’t make sense.

Know which size and shape of handbag creates balance. Always try the handbag on in front of a mirror. Is the bag so large that it is the first thing seen? Is it so small, it looks ill-proportioned? Does the shape reflect the style of clothing? Tailored clothing, need handbags with structure. More relaxed clothing can be complemented with hobo styles or “sac” styles.

Handbags require durability. Check zippers to be sure they work smoothly and are strong enough to hold up to daily wear. Seams should be reinforced. Although a tag may indicate the bag is made of leather, it could be pressed leather. Pressed leather is made from scraps of leather ground and mixed with glue and then pressed into sheet form. As a pressed leather bag is used, the glue loosens and the “leather” stretches or comes apart. Durable bags are made from intact animal hides.

Check the function of the bag. does it have enough room for what you normally carry? Try your items in the handbag. Are there enough pockets to keep everything organized? Is the bag comfortable to wear? Do the straps of the shoulder bag fit snugly on your shoulder? Does the color of the bag go with most of your wardrobe?

A quality bag can enhance the lookof lesser quality apparel. Likewise, a lesser quality bag can diminish the look of better apparel. Durability and quality go hand-in-hand. besure the manufacturer stands behind theirhandbags with a reasonable warranty.

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