When Was Your Last Makeover?

Every day someone comes into Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman and says, “I haven’t been wearing makeup since Covid started.”  If you look in the mirror and think you have aged suddenly, now is the time for a makeover.  A Merle Norman free makeover lets to try products and work one- on-one with a trained skin care and makeup professional. 

During a makeover, your Merle Norman consultant makes observations about your skin and asks you questions about your concerns. Often an “outside” person sees things that those who see us every day miss.   The first critical observation determines whether your skin is dry, oily, normal, or sensitive. There are products specifically made for each skin type. 

The next step determines what products fit your lifestyle.  Do you rush to work with no minutes to spare, or can you develop a routine that works into your schedule?   Finding products with the right consistency that you like, creates the greatest satisfaction which in turn ensures you will use what you purchase.   Selecting the best skin care products for your skin enhances the makeup so it looks natural and optimum. 

Everyone should get a foundation match twice a year to be sure foundations match following seasonal changes. Merle Norman regularly develops new foundations with advanced technology.  A foundation check is a great way to try out new formulas.   Perhaps one of the easiest and most exciting in a makeover is to learn new makeup application tricks that can take years away. 

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