How to Choose Jewelry She’ll Love

The first step to choosing jewelry is to observe her. Does she wear her jewelry every day or does she enjoy switching daily? Does her job define what jewelry can be worn at work? What style does she prefer? What is her face shape?

If she wears the same jewelry every day, the jewelry takes more wear and tear and needs to be better quality. Choose fine jewelry like sterling silver or gold. The design needs to have simple lines that allows it to be worn with other pieces such as a grouping of bangle bracelets. Statement pieces are usually too memorable to be worn daily.

If she does like to regularly change her jewelry, consider better quality fashion jewelry such as John Medeiros which warrants its jewelry for life against manufacturer defect and even restores the piece for a portion of the cost if daily wear affects its appearance. A person who changes her jewelry daily, usually prefers new styles, and trends. Less expensive, yet good quality fashion jewelry allows her to collect more pieces for greater variety to match her clothing.

Certain occupations such as nursing restrict the type of jewelry that can be worn at work. For example, name tag holders must be retractable. Dangle earrings or long necklaces are prohibited. Pianists can’t wear bracelets that create a clatter when performing.

Observe the type of jewelry she currently wears. Determine if she likes classic or contemporary or both. Finally, determine the shape of her face. Unless she has an oval face, don’t choose jewelry that has the same shape as her face.

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