What Do You Consider When Choosing a Gift For Your Son’s Girlfriend?

Choosing an appropriate gift for a son’s girlfriend can be daunting. No matter how much as parents you like her, he is the one that reflects the seriousness of the relationship, not you. Be careful to choose thoughtful, but non-personal, non-permanent, reasonably priced gifts.

Thoughtful gifts show you know enough about her to reflect her interests, and activities. A chain store premade gift basket is too generic and appears too last minute, re-gifted, or perhaps part of your stash for those forgot to buy gifts for. However, a sterling necklace or locket with your son’s picture is too personal and indicates a level of commitment that your son may not have reached.

We all want our gifts to be so well suited that the recipient wants to keep it forever. But if a dating couple breaks up, a “permanent gift” becomes a sad reminder of the breakup. As parents we want to be supportive and can be willing to overspend on gifts to show support. Avoid the temptation to buy a lavish gift. The expensive gift may also show a greater importance to the relationship than your son intends.

So what do you give? Choose something she likes to do. Maybe she loves to make cupcakes. A gift basket with assorted decorating sprinkles, sugars, and dots, plus a specialty Diamond Shimmer Sugar, and a bottle of Perpetual Vanilla shows you know her hobby, you’ve given thought to it, yet it is reasonably priced.

Products such as fingernail polish gift sets, lightly scented body lotion or hand lotion, quality lipstick variety sets, allow you to five a gift that pampers, but isn’t too personal.

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