How To Wear Eyeliners Successfully

Eyeliners can make your eyes look bigger, minimize the look of hooded lids, and even make you look rested. Success with eyeliners depends on the quality of liner and your skill.

Make your eyes appear larger by lining the top lid and only the center of the bottom. If you line the full bottom lid, the liner encircles the entire lid making the eye appear smaller. Pencil eyeliners should be sharpened before each use. It helps eliminate bacteria as well as providing a more supple liner. Begin in the corner nearest the nose. Pull up on the brow instead of pulling the skin from the side of the eye to make the skin taut.

Turn the pencil to the side to make a slightly wider line at the roots of the lashes. A line through the root line makes the lashes appear thicker. As we age, the liner should soften. Either use a color with less contrast, or smudge so the pigment is less intense.

If you develop a hooded eye produced by a puffy upper lid sagging over the eye, you can diminish the hooded appearance by tapping darker shadow on the puffy part of the lid, and drawing a wider eyeliner than usual. The wider line gives more definition to the lash line. The eye will appear more lifted and open.

Use a nude eyeliner on the lower water line of the lid. Start at either corner and apply in short strokes to cover. The light color makes the white of the eyes look brighter and more rested. The same color can accent the lower corners of the eye to create a lift.

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