Brighton Announces Handbag Trade-In Event July 29th-August 14th

Brighton since its inception has given back to the communities where we as store owners live and work. One way they do this is through the handbag trade-in event. They partner with store owners to give any gently used handbag to women in need. Locally, I donate the handbags traded in to Twin City Mission. The Mission allows women at the woman’s shelter to have first choice and remaining bags are sold through their resale shops to provide income to support the Mission’s goals of feeding and sheltering the needy.

It becomes a win/win for everyone. You may trade-in any brand gently used handbag on a new, in stock Brighton handbag. If you purchase a Brighton handbag for $250 or more, you receive $50 off. If the purchase is $249 or less, you receive $25 off. You may donate additional bags, but the discounts only apply to per handbag purchased.

Unless a Brighton handbag is retired, it does not go on sale. This trade-in event allows you to save money while helping others. All Brighton registered handbags have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a lifetime cleaning warranty. The handbags are made from the same premium leathers that are used to make the prestige bags. Hand detailing and finishing often exceeds that of far more expensive bags. If you have been wanting a Brighton handbag, now is the time to come in and decide which is best for you.

Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive. 979-268-0608, www.fitzyou.com