Now Is the Time to Reset Your Makeup Routine

It has been a year for some of us without our regular routines.  We’ve worked from home, learned to attend zoom meetings, get our groceries either delivered or put in the back of our cars while we dutifully hid our faces beneath masks and sunglasses.  Part was for safety, and part because we hadn’t put on makeup that day or perhaps for several days.  Now our faces are showing the neglect. 

Just as the state lifts its mandates, spring arrives.  The wintery cold that kept us indoors also reduced the sun induced pigment in our skin, making our foundations look oddly different from our natural skin tone.  A quick foundation color check solves the color problem, but what about the type of foundation.  Each foundation targets skin needs.  You may find that if you wear the same foundation throughout the year, it doesn’t meet your skin’s needs.

Identify the main characteristics of your skin at this time of the year.  Does it lack moisture, or perhaps it seems oily? Do you need a light coverage, or have you noticed several dark spots that require greater coverage? Likewise, your skin care may need modification.  If you haven’t exfoliated your skin recently, that’s your first step.  Once the dead skin cells are removed, you can determine what your skin requirements truly are. 

Each serum and moisturizer targets a particular skin need.  To restore your skin, select those that provide an anti-aging, wrinkle diminishing, oil control, or hydrating formulas.  Daily, regular use will produce results.   

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