Routinize Your Skin Care

In my last column I discussed what ingredients make anti-aging products effective. I received a question asking what a skin care routine might look like, so I thought I would tell you my skin care routine and what I expect each step to do. 

I’ll start with my evening routine.  First, I use Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover.  I apply it to a cotton fluff puff and hold on my closed eyelid for 4-6 seconds to allow the product to dissolve the mascara and eye shadow.  Softening the makeup helps prevent tugging on the tender eyelid tissue and surrounding skin, reducing wrinkle formation.  I follow with AHA Foaming Cleanser for dry skin.  I lather about a pearl size amount of cleanser in the palm of my hand and apply to my face. It gives the squeaky-clean feeling without the drying effect of soap.   

Next, I use Skintelligent toner that contains a probiotic for the skin.  It balances the PH of the skin while also replenishing the good bacteria to the surface of the skin. It removes any remaining makeup that I might have missed.  I alternate nights with Retinol Night Complex serum and Anti-Aging Night Cream. The Retinol serum exfoliates the skin while also reducing pore size.  The Anti-Aging Night Cream hydrates my skin and provides all those anti-aging ingredients that produce younger looking skin. 

The next morning, I give a quick wipe of Skintelligent toner, add my Fine Line Minimizer serum over neck and face, and apply the Ultimate Firming Neck Cream to diminish the banding lines and firm the neck.  I top with Anti-Aging Eye Complex Treatment and Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion which contain sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients.  After adding my 24 Karat Gold Firming Foundation Primer, I am ready for makeup.

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