Solve the Anti-Aging Skin Care Puzzle

Store cosmetic skin care displays offer a plethora of products, all producing hopes of making our skin appear healthier and more youthful.  Choosing the right product to produce the results you want, creates the difficulty.  Unfortunately, a single jar of magic cream does not exist.  Chemically, some ingredients can’t be mixed together. Different types of skin such as tender tissue around the eyes, or thicker skin on the neck, required different ingredients or different strengths of products.

If wrinkles disturb you, anti-aging skin care can help.  All anti-aging skin care products should include ingredients that help the skin retain moisture, aid exfoliation, and reduce the effects of free radicals that damage the skin.  However, not all anti-aging products contain the same quality of ingredients, so the level of effectiveness may vary. Plus, better quality skin care products usually have additional ingredients that enhance results.

Look for terms in the ingredient list such as Alpha hydroxy acids, including glycolic, citric, and lactic acid that prepare the cells to retain moisture. Peptides stimulate cells to produce collagen which plumbs the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Retinoids derived from vitamin E increases the rate that the skin cells exfoliate.  Fresh, new skin cells become visible as old skin cells slough off, producing a younger, more even toned look.  Grape seed extract provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while also increasing collagen. 

The basic anti-aging program should include skin care for the eye area, neck, face, and body.  Choose serums for increased concentrations to speed results.  Nancy Pride owns Morgan Fitzgerald’s and Merle Norman, located at 3800 South Texas Avenue, one mile north of University Drive.  979 268 0608