Why Do You Need a Cosmetic Makeover?

Have you ever had a friend tell you that your blouse had a button unbuttoned, or worse yet, you were wearing two different colors of shoes?  When we look at ourselves or an environment we are used to, our minds tend declutter and look for the uncommon, missing some things altogether.  During the Covid lockdown, we changed our normal routines.  We changed our use of makeup, we changed the amount of time in the sun, and we changed our lifestyle.  All the changes affected our skin.  You may look at yourself in the mirror and think you look the same because you have seen yourself day after day, gradually accepting subtle changes without really noticing them.  

Having a makeover allows a cosmetic professional to point out things you make not even notice.  Appropriate skincare prevents premature aging.  Products you have been using for years may have been the best for your skin when you began using them, but now as your skin has changed, they can be detrimental.  Have the professional evaluate the needs of your skin whether it needs more hydration, exfoliation, brightening, or deep pore cleansing. She can evaluate the amount and frequency of product use.  

Choosing the cosmetic products that fit your lifestyle and preferences can be a difficult trial and error process when you try to select off the shelf.  A makeover gives you the opportunity “to try before you buy,” eliminating costly mistakes.  Plus, a makeup artist can teach you the makeup “tricks” that gives a finished, but natural look.  Every major cosmetic line has a myriad of products designed to best fit the needs of each customer.  Try a free makeover to find the best skincare and cosmetics products for your face.  

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