Most dark spots form from sun exposure, but some results form hormones. A dermatologist can “freeze” them off, or prescribe a strong exfoliant that brings new skin to the surface, but unfortunately, the dark spots usually return. Selecting the right cosmetic products and applying them correctly can give good results.

If you have a large number of dark spots, you will have greater success with foundation that provides a heavier coverage. If the foundation still doesn’t cover the dark spots, or if you only have a few spots and prefer lighter foundation, you can follow a basic regimen. Begin by regularly using an exfoliant. This lightens dark spots and makes them easier to cover. Apply a foundation primer that smooths the surface of the skin and helps concealer and foundation adhere.

I prefer to choose a waterproof coverup slightly lighter than the foundation. Tab the coverup over the dark spot, extending past the edges of the spot. Let the coverup air dry for a few seconds. With a damp sponge, tap around the edges to blend the coverup into the skin, preventing a spotty look. Next, smooth the foundation over the face. Lightly dust with face powder or setting spray.

If you want to cover dark circles under the eyes, mix moisturizing eye cream into the coverup before applying. The added moisture helps prevent the coverup from caking. Feather the edges to blend the coverup into the skin.

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